Rick's HellMOO Guide "1.10"

A guide to playing HellMOO for the absolute beginner to MUDs / MOOs, etc.

Table of Contents

Yeah, this is a lot of information isn't it.

  1. Finding the right client
    1. *nix
    2. Mac OS X
    3. Windows
      1. Configuring SimpleMU
      2. Using SimpleMU
      3. Spawn windows in SimpleMU
  2. Playing HellMOO
    1. Creating a new character
      1. Dreams of Before, also known as Character Creation
      2. A bare room
    2. Freedom City
      1. Crimes
      2. Starting out
      3. Orphanage
        1. The Furnace
      4. Clone Arrangers
      5. Crash Landing cube hotel
      6. Important locations in and around Freedom City
    3. Corporations
  3. Command reference
    1. Settings
    2. Communication
      1. Broadcast channels
    3. Movement
      1. Other movement-related
      2. GPS movement-related
    4. Your state, stats, etc
    5. Inventory
    6. Examining things
    7. Allowing people to do things to you
    8. Interacting with others
    9. Combat
    10. Corporation
    11. Party
    12. Home
    13. Built-in Emotes


Finding the right client


TinyFugue is probably the most popular *nix client used by players on HellMOO.

Mac OS X



Most players on HellMOO seem to use SimpleMU, so I will give basic instructions on setting it up to connect to the server. If you want to use a different client, by all means do so.

Configuring SimpleMU
  1. Download & install SimpleMU.
  2. File → New Connection Wizard...
  3. Enter hellmoo.org for site address, then click Next.
  4. Enter 7777 for port number, then click Next.
  5. Ensure MUSH, MUX or MOO is selected, then click Next.
  6. Enter HellMOO for new site name, or anything else, then click Next.

After the wizard is complete you will automatically connect to the server.

Using SimpleMU

SimpleMU Window

By default, there are essentially four sections to a SimpleMU window.

  1. Toolbar
  2. Connections
  3. Output
  4. Command Input

You play HellMOO (and any MUD) by entering commands, which are sent to the server, and output from the server is listed in your output window.

Spawn windows in SimpleMU

Lots of people have issues with too much text flying by usually due to chatnet talk, to remedy this, you can add a pattern for chatnet to send to a spawn window, which will put all chatnet next into a new window, separating it from the normal game output. You can do this by:

  1. Game → Add Spawn Definition...
  2. Put [chatnet]* into the pattern strings box.
  3. Click OK.

Playing HellMOO

Creating a new character

Once you are connected, you'll notice the MOTD, and notes on a few commands you can use.

  1. request NameThatYouWant for your@e-mail.org
  2. Check your e-mail for the password for your new character, if you don't receive it in a timely fashion, e-mail help@hellmoo.org with the name of your character and ask for help with your password.
  3. connect NameThatYouGot password

If all went well, you should now be logged in.

Dreams of Before, also known as Character Creation

You start out in dreams of before, an area that represents the world before the bombs dropped, while you were still in your youth. Your best friend Davey is here, eager to run amok with you.


To move around, you'll find that most of the exits in game are cardinal ones, that is, north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west, northwest, up, down, in, out. You can move through cardinal exits by simply typing their name, eg north or optionally you can prefix your movement with go, go direction. For more details on movement, see the command reference on movement.

Your job here is to find four items, these items will determine what skills you gain inherent bonuses to. It is necessary to get four items to ensure you have the maximum you can start with. The idea set of items is one weapon skill, and others of any non-weapon skill. The items are pretty much self explanatory as to what skills they represent -- the BB pistol is for the pistols skill, first aid kit is for medic, etc.

Stuff on the ground

Spotted something on the ground you want? get thing

You see a copy of the City Times lying on the sidewalk.
get copy of the City Times
Newbie picks up a copy of the City Times off the pavement.


Noticed that medicine cabinet or the toy chest, or another thing that is used for storing things? It's a container, which usually do have items in them.

For example, if you want to check out a toy chest, you'll want to get a good look at it first, look toy chest, to see whether it is open or closed.

look toy chest
A beat-up wood toy chest. Your dad made it for you when you were just a little kid. It's closed.

You can open it by simply doing open toy chest. Assuming there were no locks on the toy chest, it'll open.

open toy chest
Newbie opens the toy chest.

Then you should look at it again to see what is inside.

look toy chest
A beat-up wood toy chest. Your dad made it for you when you were just a little kid.
a BB pistol [100g] a toy airplane [250g]

If you want to swipe that BB pistol or toy airplane, you'll want to get thing from toy chest.

get toy airplane from toy chest
Newbie gets a toy airplane from the toy chest.

Once you have found four items, you'll want to find a bunker or underground room, if you want to start with male, female, or both fetishes at 10.00, you'll want to head to the basement of the Public Library. Any underground room (from a down exit) will count as an underground room in dreams of before.

Made it to an underground room? Great! Wait for the bombs to fall. If not, don't fret, the area will reset and you can try again, as many times as you like.

A bare room

Once you've successfully survived, you will end up in a bare room. You'll probably see other (idle, offline) players in this room. You will get a list of items and what skills you received bonuses to, and you can look at the mirror to see your stats.

Before you go down, you'll need to do two things:

You need to set your gender, do so by @gender gender, preferably male or female. You can only do this once, once you have a gender, you must get a sex change from a certain NPC.

You need to set a description of yourself, do so by @describe me as text, this text is what other players will see when they look at you.

Once you are satisfied (or not), go down. You'll have the option of whether or not you want to redo Dreams of Before, if you decline, you will end up in Freedom City.

Freedom City

Welcome to Freedom City! Fairly secure city run by the Weyland-Utani Corporation. Home to nearly every player. This will be your home for awhile, until you discover surrounding areas.


Things such as peeing on other people, grabbing them, starting combat with people (not dogs and hounds), will all net you stars from the local police. If you gain enough stars, the police will hunt you down, and if you die, you will end up in prison for the remainder of your sentence (until your stars expire). This is not very fun as a new player, so be careful.

Starting out

If you need help and it is something that is not being covered by this guide, please don't hesitate to ask on chatnet! Many players will be more than happy to help you with problems. Use chatnet text to broadcast a message to chatnet.

So you have just gotten out of the bare room, you probably automatically read a HELPFUL SIGN. These are signs that have been placed around HellMOO to provide some helpful tips, you will only automatically read them once. Be sure to read them!


Most players start out by heading to the Orphanage to kill orphans, this is the de facto 'newbie area'. Its icon is Orphanage on the map. Here you will want to kill any of orphans you come across.

Sister Agnes, who runs this orphanage, will pay you $50 for every rabid orphan that you kill, but will not care if you kill others. You can earn up to $5000 by doing this.

Sister Agnes will also heal you for free while you have less than 1000 XP.

It would be wise not to attack Sister Agnes or Alvin, as they are way out of your league at this point.

If you tire of orphans and feel like you could take on something tougher, head over to the Crack Mansion. Look for the Area Entrance area entrance icon north of Any Port Any Port.

Alternatively, you can head to Slagtown (south of Freedom City) to kill scumbags.

The Furnace

If you are up for some adventure, there is a hidden area behind the furnace in the Orphanage. Can you figure out how to enter the furnace without burning to death?

Clone Arrangers

Died yet? If you have you've probably been sent to limbo, nearly to heaven, then ended up in a clone tank in Clone Arrangers Clone Arrangers.

When you respawn, you lose 10 XP, you are reset to your last available clone, this means any XP, improvement points, skills will be reset to the state of that clone. This means you should update as often as you can handle reverting back to an older state. It will cost an increasing amount to save your current state to a clone.

If you end up not being able to afford cloning, you will lose some XP, and you risk losing improvement points for stats and skills.

Crash Landing cube hotel

Need to quit for a bit? Don't just close your client or @quit, well you can, but when you disconnect from HellMOO, your body stays right where you left it, to any possible danger. Until you can afford an apartment room, you'll want to head over to the Crash Landing cube hotel Crash Landing cube hotel, right across the street from Any Port Any Port. Quitting while in the cube hotel will put you inside a sleeper cube, impervious to any harm.

Important locations in and around Freedom City

Can't find something? Use gmap to get a larger map display. Still can't find it? Move around a bit! There is a somewhat outdated map available with a nice overview on Freedom City and the areas that directly surround it.

  1. Any Port Any Port: Freedom City's more prominent bar, players tend to hang out here as it is a sort of "center of the world" place in HellMOO - free drinks, bounties, package delivery, and a helicopter service on the roof.
  2. Clone Arrangers Clone Arrangers: Your first clone tank, you'll be here after respawning.
  3. Crash Landing cube hotel Crash Landing cube hotel: Free cubes for players to sleep in, secure from any danger.
  4. Municipal Recycling Center Municipal Recycling Center: You can put just about anything in the incinerator to have it destroyed, or you can process corpses into sweet, sweet food.
  5. Ammu-Nation! Ammu-Nation!: Lots of basic weapons for sale, and anything players may have sold there. Weapon mods are available upstairs in Ammu-Mods.
  6. Protect Ya Neck Protect Ya Neck: Basic armor & clothing, and anything players may have sold there.
  7. Threads Threads: Clothing & accessories. Not very protective though. Threads for Men is available upstairs.
  8. Mr. #1 Bling Bling! Mr. #1 Bling Bling!: Jewelry & stuff for pimpin'.
  9. Meds 4 Less Meds 4 Less: Stuff to treat the hurt.
  10. Eschaton Outfitters Eschaton Outfitters: Camping gear, and lots of random crap that can be useful.
  11. Hell Up In Hardware Hell Up In Hardware: More random crap that can be useful.
  12. Hover Platform Rental Center Hover Platform Rental Center: Rentable hoverlifts for moving shit that is too heavy for you to lift.
  13. Circuit Shiti Circuit Shiti: Electronic equipment, possibly shitty.
  14. Injection Junction Injection Junction: Sex changes & information on mutation locations.
  15. Vice City Vice City: Porn & drugs, a wonderful combination.
  16. Import/Export Import/Export: Furniture & other niceties delivered right to your door.
  17. Smoot's Security Shack Smoot's Security Shack: Security toys & locks for doors and lockable containers.
  18. Sweaty Palms Sweaty Palms: Cheapest apartments for rent in Freedom City.
  19. Bradbury Bradbury: Cheapest apartments for rent in Slagtown, also cheaper than Sweaty Palms.
  20. City Hall City Hall: Business licenses and contracts.
  21. FCPD Precinct 31 FCPD Precinct 31: Masses of cops in one location.
  22. Corporeal Release Center Corporeal Release Center: Easy, painful, suicide, for free!

Command reference


  1. @prefs List available preferences.
  2. @pref name is value Set preference value.
  3. @brief on|off Enable or disable brief room descriptions.
  4. @wrap View current word wrap setting.
  5. @wrap on|off Set word wrap setting.
  6. @linelength View current line length settings.
  7. @linelength value Set line length.
  8. @pagelength View current page length settings.
  9. @pagelength value Set page length.
  10. @password oldpassword newpassword Change character password.
  11. @registerme email Change e-mail associated with character.
  12. @quit Disconnect from HellMOO.
  13. news Display HellMOO news.


Talking to others!

  1. say text or "text Say text in current room.
  2. -name text Say something directed at a specific thing in the room, used mostly for talking with NPCs.
  3. whisper text to creature Whisper text to creature.
  4. yell text Yell text, will broadcast to a range around your current room.
  5. emote text or :text Emote text into current room.
  6. think text Thought bubbles, for current room.
  7. ooc text Say as OOC, in current room.
  8. page person text or 'person text Page person with your wristpad.
  9. @doing me is text Sets your 'doing' text which shows up in who commands.
  10. who Lists all visible players and admins.
  11. who name Lists who information for specified player.
  12. awho Lists all visible admins.
  13. cwho Lists all visible players with corporation information.
  14. corpwho Lists all visible players in your corporation.
  15. idle name Shows idle time of name.
  16. idlemsg text Sets the text that will be diplayed if someone queries your idle time with idle and you are idle.
Broadcast channels
  1. chatnet on|off, chat text chatnet, global channel for players.
  2. djnet on|off|info, dj text djnet, the MOO's radio stream shows information here.
  3. jailnet on|off, jail text jailnet, for people in prison, they cannot broadcast to most other channels while in prison.
  4. blurrnet on|off, blurr text blurrnet, the "spam" channel.
  5. internet on|off, inter text internet, global channel for players jacked into the matrix.
  6. c text Corporation broadcast channel, to your corporation only, if you have one.
  7. p text Party broadcast channel, to your party only, if you have one.


Most movement involve cardinal directions, that is, north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west, northwest, up, down, in, out. There can be non-cardinal directions though, which may or may not have an associated cardinal direction.

Cardinal directions also have short aliases, which are: n, ne, e, se, s, sw, w, nw, u, d.

At the end of each room's description, a list of obvious exits will be displayed, like so:

[ Exits: north west in ]

You can generally move through any exit by simply typing its name, eg north or go direction.

You can use go direction rapidly to queue up movement actions. Good for getting somewhere quickly that you already know directions to.

Other movement-related
  1. gmap Display a larger area map than what is shown in room descriptions, it also will always be colored, regardless of nighttime.
  2. jump direction Jump through the exit if it is a cliff, ladder, etc.
  3. lock direction Attempt to lock locks in direction, if it is a door and has locks.
  4. unlock direction Attempt to unlock locks in direction, if it is a door and has locks.
  5. stand
  6. sit
  7. sit on thing
  8. recline
  9. recline on thing
GPS movement-related
  1. @rooms Show list of rooms.
  2. @addroom Add current room to your list of rooms.
  3. @rmroom name Removed named room from list.

Your state, stats, etc

  1. score Display information about your character, such as XP, skills, etc.
  2. sx Display information on your fetishes.
  3. stat Show basic information about your current state.
  4. tac Show tactical information about yourself and other creatures in the same room.
  5. sum Show personal tactical information.
  6. gear Display statistics related to your equipped items.
  7. worn Display information about worn clothing, such as their health.
  8. languages Display languages that you know (languages not really implemented).
  9. journal List unique journal entries that you have earned.
  10. journal kills List unique species hunt entries that you have earned.
  11. rumors List rumors you have heard related to journal entries.
  12. @describe me as text Set your description.
  13. @nude bodypart is text Sets the nude description of that bodypart that is visible if nothing is covering it.
  14. queue List your current action queue.
  15. stop Stop doing whatever you are currently doing, if you can.
  16. stop moving|aiming|acting|restraining|following|fighting|hunting Stop doing a specification action, if you can.


One of the first things you'll want to do on HellMOO is collect items, here are the basic commands:

  1. i or inventory Display inventory.
  2. get thing Pick up object from the ground.
  3. get thing from container Get thing from a container.
  4. drop thing Drop thing onto the ground.
  5. put thing into container Put thing into a container.
  6. wield thing Hold or wield thing.
  7. stow thing Stop holding thing.
  8. wear thing Wear thing.
  9. remove thing Stop wearing thing.
  10. repair thing Attempt to repair thing.

Examining things

  1. look Look at the current room.
  2. look thing Look at the object.
  3. examine thing Examine object.
  4. appraise thing Get details about object, such as worth.
  5. diagnose person Get medical details about that person.
  6. track Sniff around a room to pick up tracks of creatures who have travelled in the room recently.

examine is the most important, as it allows you to find most of the commands available for interacting with something, use it often, especially if you cannot figure out how to use something. examine here, examine thing, etc.

Allowing people to do things to you

HellMOO has a 'allows' system in which, you can prevent people from doing things to you right off the bat (this can be overridden by grabbing you).

  1. allows List allow settings.
  2. allow thing from person Allow something from someone.
  3. refuse thing from person Refuse something from someone.
  4. friends List friends.
  5. friend person Add friend.
  6. friend -person Remove friend.
  7. enemy person Add enemy.
  8. enemy -person Remove enemy.

Interacting with others

  1. follow creature Follow it wherever it goes.
  2. pay amount to creature Pay specified amount of money to creature.
  3. learn from creature Displays what you can learn from that creature.
  4. learn skill from creature Learn a skill from creature.
  5. teach skill to creature Teach a skill to creature.
  6. strip thing from creature Help creature remove their clothing, usually to indulge in sexual acts.
  7. grab creature Grab creature. This is the gateway to rape.
  8. shove creature to exit If you are currently restraining creature, you can shove them to a direction.
  9. feed from creature Feed on creature's blood, if you are a vampire.
  10. drag corpse through exit Drag a corpse through an exit.
  11. fondle creature Fondle that creature.
  12. wank Masturbate.
  13. wank thing Jizz onto thing, if you're male.
  14. suck thing Perform fellatio on thing.
  15. fuck|assfuck|buttfuck|facefuck|titfuck thing Fuck thing.
  16. yiff thing That furry sex thing.
  17. torture creature with thing Torture creature with object.
  18. cut from corpse List what can be butchered from a corpse.
  19. cut thing from corpse Butcher thing from corpse. Heads serve as excellent trophies.


  1. attack|kill|punch|shoot|stab|smash target Start combat with specified target.
  2. hunt target Starting hunting target, when you enter a room with the target, you will automatically attack.
  3. surrender Surrender to your assailant.
  4. brandish weapon at target Threaten target with your weapon.
  5. smash door Attempt to break the door down with your weapon.
  6. load gun Load gun with any supported ammo in your inventory.
  7. load gun with ammo Load gun with specified ammo in your inventory.
  8. switch gun to mode Change gun mode, varies depending on gun type.
  9. unload gun Unload ammo from gun.
  10. aim gun at target Get the drop on target. If it moves you will automatically fire at it.
  11. cock gun Cock the gun.
  12. feint target Distract the target.


  1. corp help List corp commands.
  2. corp summary Get summary of corporation information.
  3. c text or corp chat text Broadcast text to corporation channel.
  4. corp hire player Extend invintation to player to be hired into the corporation.
  5. corp fire player Fire player from corporation.
  6. corp promote player Promote player to manager.
  7. corp demote player Demote player to employee.
  8. corp employees List corp employees and their earnings.
  9. corp contracts List corp contracts.
  10. corp contracts drop name Drop contract.
  11. corp rate value Set corp earnings ratio.
  12. corp deposit value Deposit amount into corp coffers from personal credchip.
  13. corp withdraw value Withdraw amount from corp coffers into personal credchip.
  14. corp hide Toggle whether or not employees can see what is in the corp coffers.
  15. corp jingle text Set corp jingle, used by soda machines.
  16. corp motd text Set corp MOTD.
  17. corp log View corp financial logs.
  18. corp takeover Take over as CEO if the current CEO has been gone for awhile, only works if you are a manager.
  19. corp resign Quit corporation.
  20. corp disband Disband corporation.


  1. p text Broadcast text to party channel.
  2. p-invite player Invite player to party.
  3. p-join player Accept player's party invintation.
  4. p-kick player Kick player from party.
  5. p-tank Act as the party tank.
  6. p-tank stop Stop acting as the party tank.
  7. p-list List party information.


  1. @sethome Set your home to the current room, you must be the owner of the room for this to work.
  2. @addresident name Add named as a resident of the current room.

Built-in Emotes

Most of these you can also specify a target, such as smile person.

  1. applaud
  2. bird
  3. blame
  4. blush
  5. bow
  6. brow
  7. buh
  8. burp
  9. cackle
  10. chackle
  1. cheer
  2. chortle
  3. chuckle
  4. clap
  5. comfort
  6. cringe
  7. cuddle
  8. curtsey
  9. drool
  10. eye
  1. fart
  2. flip
  3. frown
  4. gasp
  5. giggle
  6. glance
  7. glare
  8. grimace
  9. grin
  10. groan
  1. growl
  2. grumble
  3. grunt
  4. gulp
  5. hshake
  6. hug
  7. kiss
  8. laugh
  9. leer
  10. lick
  1. moan
  2. nod
  3. nudge
  4. ogle
  5. pat
  6. peer
  7. pet
  8. pinch
  9. point
  10. poke
  1. pout
  2. prod
  3. purr
  4. push
  5. recoil
  6. rub
  7. salute
  8. scoff
  9. scowl
  10. scream
  1. shake
  2. shiver
  3. shrug
  4. sigh
  5. slobber
  6. slurp
  7. smile
  8. smirk
  9. smooch
  10. sneer
  1. snicker
  2. sniff
  3. snort
  4. snuggle
  5. spit
  6. squeal
  7. squeeze
  8. squint
  9. stare
  10. sulk
  1. thumb
  2. tickle
  3. tug
  4. wave
  5. whimper
  6. whine
  7. whistle
  8. wince
  9. wink
  10. wist
  1. yawn
  2. yelp